An entry level package that provides all of the basics to help the Bride with the wedding of her dreams.


In-Person Visit to the Venue

Review of Vendor Contracts

Development of Floor Plan

Development of Timeline

One Consultation with Bride

Wedding Rehearsal Direction

On-Site Coordination during Ceremony

On-Site Coordination during Reception

Lead Planner and Assistant

All of the basics plus assistance with design to cover every detail.


Includes everything in our Coordination package plus:

Vision Board Design

Assistance with Design of Major Details

Assistance with Design of Minor Details

In-Person/Phone Meetings with Bride

In-Person/Phone Meetings with Vendors

Confirmation of Schedule

All of the basics and design, are included, plus assistance with budgeting, vendor contracts, and RSVPs

Full Service

Includes everything in our Coordination and Design packages plus:

Comprehensive Budget Spreadsheet

Research of Vendors

Hiring of Vendors

Management of Vendors

Negotiation of Vendor Contracts

Management of RSVPs

Guidance on Wedding Ettiqette