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Starting at $2150

An entry level package that provides all of the basics to help the Bride with the wedding of her dreams.


In-Person Visit to the Venue

Review of Vendor Contracts

Development of Floor Plan

Development of Timeline

One Consultation with Bride

Wedding Rehearsal Direction

On-Site Coordination during Ceremony

On-Site Coordination during Reception

Lead Planner and Assistant

Starting at $3750

All of the basics plus assistance with design to cover every detail.


Includes everything in our Coordination package plus:

Vision Board Design

Assistance with Design of Major Details

Assistance with Design of Minor Details

In-Person/Phone Meetings with Bride

In-Person/Phone Meetings with Vendors

Confirmation of Schedule

Starting at $5500

All of the basics and design, are included, plus assistance with budgeting, vendor contracts, and RSVPs

Full Service

Includes everything in our Coordination and Design packages plus:

Comprehensive Budget Spreadsheet

Research of Vendors

Hiring of Vendors

Management of Vendors

Negotiation of Vendor Contracts

Management of RSVPs

Guidance on Wedding Ettiqette

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